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1% Training Obligation Pay Equity

Looking for ways to improve the results of your business?

  • + Reduce your training obligation payments
  • + Avoid penalties
  • + Reduce administration time
  • + Ensure government compliance
  • + Ensure accurate annual government declarations

1% Training Obligation

LIW CONSULTANTS has successfully identified, revised and corrected training supporting documentation for the largest Quebec corporations, thereby, avoiding Revenue Quebec reassessments, penalties and compound daily interest. Our credentials are sterling and our experience in this narrow niche area is undisputed. Amendments to the 1% training obligation ("loi sur les compétences") have occurred on an on-going basis throughout the years. More recently, Revenue Quebec has been vigilant in auditing this area. The 1% training obligation has become a highly specialized technical area of audit.

Pay Equity

Bill 25 (amendments to the Pay Equity Act), demonstrates that Quebec is adopting more ambitious means to action Pay Equity, including increased fines and penalties for delinquent organizations, as well as additional government resources available for verification. LIW CONSULTANTS has the proven expertise to execute your company’s pay equity exercise with the requisite documentation in the format and presentation required by the Commission de l’équité salariale. In the event of an audit, we provide all the necessary documents and responses to satisfy the Commission de l’équité salariale, without any cost to you.